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Quality electronic alarm systems

Since its establishment, PMB Security has being installing quality electronic alarm systems in homes and businesses. 

A high priority is placed on reliability of the components used in the alarm system as it is imperitive for client's to have faith in their system.

Over the years, alarm systems have improved tremendously. Originally these systems were simple single zone systems with all detection devices attached to the zone.

These days, the alarm system consists of many zones, allowing individual detection items per zone and many varied types of detection devices per system. 

We can help design the best suited alarm system for your needs, by selecting the most appropriate size control panel, with features best suited to you, your environment, and living patterns.


Once the system design has been approved, we have expertly trained technical staff to install the alarm system and teach yourself & others on how to correctly operate the alarm system.

PMB Security has never and will never allow any unauthorized dealer to install any of its alarm systems. Direct control is kept over all installations.

All staff are screened and registered by the Private Security Industry.


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