Since the trend first appeared, I’ve been inlove with the high-low effect. On skirts to tops and everything in between! There is just something about the way the fabric cascades down the body. So last year when the theme for the annual local Sprint Day was revealed, I knew exactly what I wanted to create.

I dug around the fabric storage room in our Design House factory where we kept thousands of prints in every colour and fabric imaginable – it was literally like being in heaven for me. I came across a beautiful houndstooth print and found some pleather which I love! Pleather was seen in almost every retail store at the time – and still is – so to me, that was an obvious winner.


Houndstooth is such a chic classic! The print really leaves you looking refined and on trend. The best part about the jacket I created, is the versatility. It can easily be your 9am to 9pm outfit choice. Ultra feminine yet still has that edge!

Here I’ve paired it with a pastel pink vintage belt that my mom bought over 20 years ago! How gorgeous is it though?? And you can never go wrong with a cute, classy pair of white heels. These I bought at EDGARS last year when I was in Capetown. They’re so comfy too! They’re the only heels I could wear through out my pregnancy without feeling like I was going to topple over and land on my face!

Since then, I’ve changed it up a bit, and gone with a more ‘Plain Jayne’ approach for the lovely and ever so beautiful Miss International  South Africa, Shajar Khan, who made it look anything but plain! I love the way she styled it. Just goes to show how versatile this design really can be! Which girl doesn’t love a good milkshake pink piece in her closet?

And just by the by – these are all available for immediate dispatch! Yay, happy days!

In sizes XS to 3XL – and can all be customized to your personal taste!