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PMB Security began its humble journey in the early ’80s. Founded by Brian & Mary Ann, and later joined by their children, has grown and adapted to serving the local community of Pietermaritzburg and surrounding areas. From the very early days of when a security system was really a desire for one’s home, but more a necessity for one’s car, this was where we began.

We installed hundreds of motor vehicle alarms and as the continued request for home & business protection grew, we decided to expand our service to install alarms for homes, schools, businesses and churches. At that point, we had now become more than just a family business who installed alarms. It was now clear that personal security at home and at work needed a more effective form of response than merely a siren & a flashing light. This was when, in 1987, we started our control room and only 3 years later the armed response service.

As the years progressed and the technologies improved, we’ve continued to offer the most up to date solutions and services available to our clients. We have added more vehicles, and trained staff to be available and able to help better respond to every client’s needs.

In 1988, we joined the South African Intruder Detection Services Association (SAIDSA), which governs the security installers of South Africa, so that we could ensure to our community that we intend to meet the highest standards set-out. We have maintained this corporate status since then, and strive to continue to do so.

Now that 30 years have passed, we still feel as determined today as we did back then, that the community & our loyal clients will continue to receive our best efforts to help keep them & their families safe, sound and secure.

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129 Langalibalele Street, Pietermaritzburg, Kwazulu Natal