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Security Product installations

Quality electronic alarm systems

Since its establishment, PMB Security has been installing quality electronic alarm systems in homes and businesses. A high priority is placed on the reliability of the components used in the alarm system as it is imperative for clients to have faith in their system.

Over the years, alarm systems have improved tremendously. Originally these systems were simple single zone systems with all detection devices attached to the zone. These days, the alarm system consists of multiple zones, allowing individual detection items per zone and many varied types of detection devices per system.

We can help design the best-suited alarm system for your needs, by selecting the most appropriate size control panel, with features best suited to you, your environment, and living patterns. Once the system design has been approved, we have expertly trained technical staff to install the alarm system and teach yourself & others on how to correctly operate the alarm system.



We offer all our clients a state of the art 24/7 monitoring service.

The control room has the facility to monitor alarms or duress events via our own dedicated radio network channel, or via landline communicators, or with more modern cellular technology communicators. Dependant on the signal event received, either an automated and/or operator action may be set in motion.

Many of the low priority events are handled in the background by the central monitoring software, thus freeing up operators to deal with the high priority signals immediately.

The golden rule instilled in all the control room operators is that should he have any doubt, regarding the security of a client’s premises, he shall dispatch the armed response or relevant emergency service.

Our control room meets all the high standards of SAIDSA, thus ensuring that the control room will continue to function through any hazard. All critical equipment has a backup on site.


Armed Response

Integrity and a willingness to serve

Integrity and a willingness to serve are important attributes of the armed response team and members are drawn from all sectors of the community. These response officers are all registered with the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA) and are carefully screened before being appointed.

In an effort to give clients of PMB Security the quickest response time, the armed response vehicles are positioned at key locations in and around the greater Pietermaritzburg and Hilton area.

When an event has been received in the control room that requires a response officer, the closet available response officer will be dispatched. The armed response officer proceeds as quickly as possible to the given address, so he may assist clients in duress, or to help prevent or greatly reduce property loss.

The armed response units co-operate and assist when called on by South Africa Police Services (SAPS) in an effort to reduce crime and to bring the perpetrators to book.

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